How long have inflatable balls been around?

A Beach ball is an inflatable ball used for beach and water sports. Their massive size and light weight require minimal effort to propel them. Alongside an intriguing name, zorbball has a fascinating history. 

The sport was first introduced in the early 1980s. In a nod to the plastic human hamster ball that were in circulation for a long time, the Dangerous Sports Club of England developed a ball made of plastic that could perform the same for humans.


Beach balls vary from hand-sized to more than 3 feet (0.91 meters) across or more significant. They usually consist of an assortment of flexible material panels with two circular end panels that have the oral inflation valve designed for inflation by a lung pressure or pumps. A typical design includes vertical stripes of solid color, which alternate with white strips.

Certain manufacturers define the dimensions of the beach ball (which can be mistaken for their size) as the length tip-to-tip of a ball that has been deflated or the size of their panels before when they are cut off at the ends and then joined to create the shape of a beach ball. 

Other sizes of beach balls are available, from more minor to larger. Some beach balls have five feet in diameter. The giant beach ball in the world was created by the city of LondonEngland, on the 30th of May 2017. 

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The most famous beach ball sports are water sports like water polo or volleyball. Although they’re cheaper than the ball employed in sports that professional players use, they’re far less durable since most balls are made of soft plastic. Beach balls are often tossed around crowds during festivals, concerts or sporting occasions. 

Many college students use beach balls as a joke during their ceremonies and throw them in the air around the crowd. They are thrown around by crowds during the cricketbaseball and football matches but are often confiscated and destroyed by security.  Their light weight and stability make beach balls perfect for training seals to sit on their noses and create an iconic scene. 

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the way to breathe in Zorbs?

What is the best way to breathe in the Zorb? This ball that weighs around 80kg has two skins. And the space between them is filled with air, and the inside chamber is always open to the outside, meaning fresh air is constantly flowing in.

What exactly is a zorb ball?

Zorb Ball Popularity is gaining momentum all over America the zorb ball is an inflatable, flexible, plastic ball you can climb inside. It’s an inflatable human hamster ball designed for humans. However, it doesn’t have the hard shell that rodent varieties have. It can be played on snow, grass or ice or even water.

What is the best way to inflate a zorb ball?

Inflation The Zorb is inflated using the valve that is not return located on the inside of one of the panels inside the Zorb ball. Inflation can be relatively quick based on the size of the Zorb ball as well as the power of the blower. When the pressure you require has been achieved for the model of zorb, you are using a screw into the valve.

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