How Social Media Can Derail a Divorce

Everyone involved in a divorce, from the couple going through the process to the specialists that assist them, is affected by the problem of social media. People are strongly encouraged to avoid social media when going through a family law process, such as a divorce. You must look up a Huntsville divorce lawyer near me for help.

You Run the Risk of Losing Custody If You Use Social Media During Your Divorce

Misconduct or content shared on social media has led to parents losing custody of their children. Some examples include engaging in extremely negative remarks about the other parent on social media or being discovered engaging in illicit or questionable activities, like being exposed as an escort, on social media. For instance, there have been instances where children have been mentioned in Facebook posts about their parents’ involvement with another person.

The posting of child photos by parents who were also involved with escort services or pornography on the same website is another example of how online behavior can affect custody battles.

Because there are so many crazy people and lurkers online, someone will jump on the bandwagon or start second-guessing whenever there is a contentious case or post.

Social Media Posting During a Divorce

Everyone has access to the Internet. You may not want your private life exposed online while you are fighting for custody or getting a divorce. You probably would not want everyone prying into your personal life.

Remember that family law-related documents, such as divorce decrees, are considered public records. Our modern day is characterized by an abundance of information, some inaccurate or misleading. As a result, some individuals believe they possess more knowledge than professionals, such as lawyers or judges, regarding specific subjects.

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Ways Online Interfere with Marriage (and Divorce)

  • In cyberspace, your identity is entirely up to you. Being misleading is quite simple. Due to the ease of lying when maintaining some degree of anonymity, people are more deceitful when interacting with others online than when meeting in person.
  • A lot of things start on Facebook or another social media site. 
  • People risk losing their life savings in day trading and e-trading online. When dividing assets, this can surprise the spouse who did not invest.
  • One major contributor to the high divorce rate is gambling online. Fantasy football websites, for instance, rake in billions of dollars annually.
  • Medications, whether legal or not, are readily available online. The owner of the very successful “Silk Road” website, which traded illicit drugs, was given a life sentence in 2013 for his role in creating the first contemporary darknet market. Even though the FBI took down Silk Road, several imitators have cropped up since then.
  • You might find websites that promote adultery. 
  • Online stalking or bullying of an ex-spouse is possible for someone angry or disturbed.

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