How do I Book Scrum Master Certification exam?

Scrum, a lightweight framework, produces the most valuable products possible. Using this framework, anyone may create such goods in an adaptable way that prioritizes efficiency and creativity. The Scrum Master Certification enables you to become a scrum master. This is one of the most in-demand occupations on the market, and it may help you advance your career.

For organizing, optimizing, planning, and overseeing the whole process, there are three roles:

1) Scrum Master:

His responsibilities include handling a particular task in a sprint.

2) Product proprietor

His responsibilities include planning and managing the necessary corporate communication.

3) Development Team:

The development team works to complete each sprint’s objectives.

Now that we understand what SAFe and scrum are, let’s discuss SAFe vs. Scrum:

Implementation Context

While Scrum is one of the Agile frameworks adopted by firms for projects and has a basic organizational structure, SAFe is an agile framework implemented by bigger organizations that want to extend their agile method of working beyond the boundaries of teams. SAFe incorporates an expanded kind of agile thinking.

Structure of the team and its responsibilities

Scrum teams typically consist of seven to eleven persons, including the product owner, the scrum master, and the development team. However, if we examine the SAFe team structure, we will discover four layers of critical functions, namely:

  • Let Go of Train Engineer
  • Program Management
  • Value Stream Analyst
  • Solution Designer
  • Epic Owners and Others

Time Frames

In Scrum, projects are embedded inside the sprint, with each sprint lasting between one and four weeks. It is a timeframe within which the project is executed and several ceremonies take place. When it comes to SAFe, the timeframe is almost the same. A plan-do-check-and-adjust cycle is followed over two weeks in this framework.

Aspects and attributes

Scrum omits several vital components and features, but SAFe allows for the management of all aspects and features of a company. In Scrum, middle management does not play a large role throughout the sprint, however, in SAFe there are two key levels: Program Management and Portfolio Management.

Now that we are aware of the differences between SAFe and Scrum, let’s examine the method for identifying the appropriate agile framework. Several factors to consider include:

1) The company’s purpose and the implementation context have a significant effect on the decision-making process.

2) The company’s size is a major consideration when selecting the appropriate framework for the team.

3) The amount of management participation required for the project is another element that should be carefully considered.

4) The kind of project may precisely define which agile framework would perform best for it. Scrum is the superior choice if you want a smaller project with a specified sprint timetable.

Before deciding between Scrum and SAFe as the agile framework, it is necessary to analyze the company’s organizational structure, the perspectives of the stakeholders, and their needs.

How do I administer the CSM exam?

Sign in with your username and password (Note: Your registered email address and login credentials are provided in the “Welcome CSM” email)

Hover over Hello, [Your Name], in the upper-right corner, and click My Dashboard.

Click “Take the CSM exam”

Choose your language and proceed.


In a word, we can state that the SAFe framework is employed when a scalable framework is required. The primary distinction between these frameworks is how they are implemented. If you work for a bigger business that manages mission-critical and scaled projects, SAFe is the superior choice. It fills the void created by the implementation of Scrum. Ensure you have a thorough understanding of these frameworks before applying them in your business.

With the greatest online courses available, becoming a Certified Scrum Master or participating in SAFe training is simple. Find the ideal training for you and your team based on the CSM Certification Cost and the SAFe Certification Cost. With these certificates, you may lead the team with excellent performances and profiles and apply your creative thinking to real-world issues.

However, if you are a distance learner then you must be taking an online course. For that, it’s crucial to know some of the tips to prepare for online courses to achieve your goals and for better preparation. 

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