How to prepare a resume for a teaching job?

Applying for a teaching job takes a lot of preparation. In fact, it starts from years back when you start the first class of your teaching degree qualification. We have seen that most professional teachers have begun their journey by being the humble home tutor. While that may sound like an easy job, we know that it is not. Teaching a child when their parents are in the next room can be stressful at times. Handling such situations adds to your experience that helps you become a better teacher later. 

So, when you apply for a teaching job at a school, do you mention that experience? Or should you leave it out? What else do you include? 

The first step to preparing your resume for a teaching job is understanding what makes a good one. A good resume for teaching job should be concise, show your accomplishments and skills, and highlight any relevant experience. 

Here are some simple steps to follow when preparing your own teacher resume:


List your education. List the schools, universities and courses you attended (and major). If you have a Masters or PhD, list it here too. Mention your teaching experience if it is relevant to the job description. For example: “I taught English as a Second Language at [school name] for two years before moving to [country] where I worked as an English teacher for three years.”

If you have any type of certificate related to teaching languages such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), ESOL/ESP certification programs etc., then include this in your resume’s education section along with other relevant degrees/certificates that would show that there is something unique about you not only as an applicant but also when compared with other job seekers who are applying for similar positions

Licences and certifications

Licences and certifications for teachers are especially important when you’re applying for international teaching jobs. 

Just like how a B.Ed or similar teaching professional degree is a stepping stone to enter the teaching profession in India, getting a teachers’ licence is of similar importance in some other countries, like the UAE. So, make sure that you have the required licence before you apply for teaching jobs abroad and do not forget to mention them clearly on your resume.

Special skills

You should list your special skills in the resume. If you have any special skills that you can offer to your employer, then it’s a great way for them to recognize your abilities and make this section stand out. For example,e if you have a certification in learning theories and teaching strategies, or questioning skills and techniques, make sure you mention them. Explain your special skills in brief. You can do this by mentioning the course duration, the subjects that you were taught, and your result. 

Prepare a little on them by brushing through the main chapters and forming your views on some crucial aspects. This will help you answer better in case they call you for an interview at a short notice. 

Professional experience

In order to get the job, you need an impressive resume. It is not just about listing your accomplishments, but also showing how these achievements are relevant to the job that you’re applying for. So, what should be included in a teaching resume?

Dates of employment

This is the most important part of any resume. The employer will check this section because it tells them whether or not there are gaps in your professional experience that could affect their decision about hiring you as a teacher. 

Places of employment

Mentioning about the places of employment is as crucial as the dates of employment. List all the major schools where you have worked. Write down the tenure of employment alongside each place. Make sure your employment journey looks smooth and you have an explainable cause in case there is a substantial gap between two places of employment. 

Awards & accolades

List all your major awards and recognitions that you have received during your employment at your previous organisations. Explain in a line or two if you held any distinct position and the role for which you received the recognition. 

Other relevant information

When it comes to teaching, the most important thing you can do is make sure that your resume is clearly organised and easy to read. This will help ensure that employers get a good impression of who you are as a potential teacher.

Add any professional memberships relevant including things like associations within schools where teachers meet up regularly such as PTA meetings because those organisations often need volunteers who can help out with other activities related specifically toward children like fundraising events, and so on 

Attach references

You may also want to ask someone else who has experience with teaching jobs in the area where you want to work whether they would like their name attached as reference on yours (as opposed to just being listed under “friends & family”). This will show employers that you have done research about them before applying and will make them more likely accept your application favourably!

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Resume preparation is not a big deal. It’s important to be honest and accurate when describing your skills, education and experience. You can use a template or online resume builder to help you create your own resume for a teaching job. If you don’t have time or patience for writing a full-blown resume from scratch, there are some services that charge fees for professional editing of resumes.

If you are worried about your job chances, then this article can be a good guide for you. So, don’t worry! As long as you follow our tips and guidelines, then your resume will look professional and impressive. If you still want any help with your resume or your teaching career, then don’t hesitate to reach out to a Suraasa mentor for personalised help

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