Where can you get your home trial glasses in your comfort?

Do you have a specific place when it comes to purchasing the glasses of your choice, well we do have a name in mind and will let you know? But for us when it comes to purchasing glasses, usually most of us prefer to stay in the comfort of our house and look for the glasses that speak the best of the style. 

And we are a perfect place from where you can try glasses right from the home. 

Try glasses right at home 

When it comes to shopping, nowadays, comfort has become the foremost of all concerns. Now at a time where you can get everything important right at a click, who would want to step out and in search of their perfect requirement? 

Such is what Specscart has brought to you, with the best of their customer service, they have a home trial feature where one can actually order glass for a home trial. Yes, to try out the glass at home. 

These usually provide any four frames of your choice with 3 lenses, which include blue light, anti-glare, and light adaptive lenses. The trial box is available for the time frame of 7 days and you can try out which would suit you the best if you think none of them works for you then return the box and order another trial and another and another, till you find the frame you have been looking for. Once you find that frame, all you have to do is place the order and a fresh pair will be sent to you in no time. 

Probably in a span of 24 hrs! How? Well, let’s get into the details. 

24-hour glasses dispatch 

When you are all set to buy glasses online in the UK , there is nowhere else to look for more than Specscart. They are known for their flagship service of providing the glasses by the very next day. 

How do they attain the 24 hr dispatch speed? With the help of their in-house laboratory in Manchester, along with the help of experienced technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, works in order to make your glasses a perfect pick for you. 

The high-end technology and three-point quality check ensure the best manufacturing and even timeliness of the glasses. This makes the 24 hours of glasses possible and for any emergency uses, you receive your glasses by the very next day, that is exactly how you want to have your glasses on time. 

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Protective coverage provided by your eyeglasses 

Now that you are well aware of the usage of glasses, here are a few protective features of the glasses that one must definitely look into. 

Anti-glare lenses

Glare is one issue that is talked about way less than it has to be, glare when hitting the eyes can cause a blinding effect for the moment. Glare is caused when a bright light hits a smooth surface reflecting causing the glare. 

The best one can opt for is to switch to anti-glare glasses or if you are a sunglasses person then it is better to go for polarised glasses. These lenses have the ability to block the rays that cause glare, making the experience of the eyes much more seamless. 

Anti-blue light glasses 

To everyone who is spending their days right in front of the computer screens, blue light is a thing that affects the eyes. These anti-blue light glasses help in blocking the blue rays that cause fatigue and excessive eye strain making it a perfect solution to fight the digital blue and increase productivity. 

Even during the night time remember to switch to the night mode and wear your blue light glasses in order to fight the blue effects. 

Transition lenses

Smartest of all the pairs, these transition beauties just like their name have a way to adjust with every change. Just as their name suggests these are just your regular prescription glasses when indoors and as soon as one steps out, these lenses come in direct contact with the sun causing the lenses to darken, making them look just like a pair of sunglasses. 

These smart lenses are able to adjust as per the intensity of the sunlight falling right on them. Stronger the sunlight darker the tint it gets and vice versa.

Anti-UV rays 

Another way of protecting our most valuable asset is to block the UV rays from reaching the eyes. And these are not just limited to sunlight, there are many artificial sources as well for the UV rays, so make sure to wear your anti-UV glasses to prevent the eyes from any future harm. 

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