Driving the Next-Gen In-Vehicle Experience with Automotive Digital Cockpit Innovation

As the world embraces cloud enabled, sensor-equipped autonomous vehicles, demand for advanced in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) has skyrocketed. A recent analysis by Statista predicted that the global market for automotive infotainment systems will grow from $26 billion in 2020 to $42.85 billion by 2027, a growth rate of 8% per year. This creates a huge opportunity for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Tier 1s to invest in modern solutions like automotive digital cockpit to transform the in-vehicle experience and remain competitive in the market.

In this article, you’ll learn in-depth about the digital cockpit solutions and how this innovation can rejuvenate the in-vehicle driving experience. But, first, let’s start with its definition.

What is Automotive Digital Cockpit?

Forbes defines an automotive digital cockpit as a digital experience within a car covering multiple screens, digital assistants, and various means of input. It’s a digital screen that integrates infotainment, navigation, ADAS, AI, comfort controls, and more in one platform through multi-dimensional interfaces. OEMs and Tier 1s use an automotive digital cockpit solution to enable a safe, comfortable, and joyful driving experience with an enhanced overall user experience.

Today, the automotive digital cockpit market is growing exponentially. Experts have predicted that from a whopping $20.94 billion in 2021, the digital cockpit market will reach $37.65 billion by 2026. Seeing such an intense hike, OEMs and Tier1s are largely dependent on Engineering service providers to adopt the changing market needs by investing in digital cockpit solutions thus being part of the transformation of the automobile industry.. There are collaborating with big-wig tech giants to reap multiple benefits of the digital cockpit to drive phenomenal customer experience. 

Why Digital Cockpit Solution is Pivotal for Automobile Manufacturers?

Here are the top benefits that demonstrate how a digital cockpit can become the future of the automobile landscape.

  • Support OEMs to Overcome Their Challenges

According to the JD Power Initial Quality Survey, OEMs have experienced a drastic decline in their ranking due to the quality of their connected services. Hence, to remain competitive in the market, OEMs have to adopt innovative strategies that won’t only accelerate the time to market but also keep the costs low.

A digital cockpit is a revolutionary solution in this case.

Combined with digital interfaces, a digital cockpit helps OEMs to overcome the limitations of an analog instrument cluster. It empowers automotive OEMs and suppliers to design interfaces that deliver a more reasonable exposition of real-time data. Moreover, with the cockpit’s domain controller platform integrated with the latest technologies and features, OEMs can provide eye-catching and differentiating interior vehicle experiences.

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  • Drives Advanced, Secure, and Personalized In-Vehicle Experience

Personalization is an imperative element in creating a long-lasting relationship with customers. Marketers also realize that hyper-personalized content can augment customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction, increase ROI, and generate more leads.

In the automobile space, personalization holds high importance.  Customers expect cars to include modern features like real-time communication, undisrupted connectivity, and ease of navigation. They want a more comfortable, secure, and personalized in-vehicle experience.

The automotive digital cockpit provides a unique and advanced driving experience. Combined with the latest technologies like Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs), cloud services, digital interfaces, and deep IoT systems, the digital cockpit solution offers a highly adaptive and hyper-personalized journey to drivers.

Automotive Digital Cockpit – A Modern Solution for Connected Vehicles of Future

Although the automobile industry is highly influenced by modern connected technologies, the automotive digital cockpit is at the core of the driving experience. By offering a safer and more personalized experience than ever, digital cockpits have become a new trend in the industry.

Wipro, in collaboration with a leading global supplier of connected mobility automotive solutions, has designed next-gen digital cockpit solutions that have transformed the in-vehicle experience. By incorporating a reusable Android Automotive infotainment development platform, digital cockpits empower OEMs to leverage Android’s deep customization capabilities. 

Moreover, with its domain controller platform integrated with the latest technologies and features, OEMs can provide attractive, personalized, and differentiating interior experiences. Its user-assisted features, such as smart weather and navigation are some extra perks that enable profile personalization and give customers new ways to interact with their vehicles.

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