Why MBBS in China is so reasonable?

Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

Chinese evolution is old with an educational custom held in great admiration, particularly in the MBBS field. It is now more than ever a popular MBBS education center for much of the globe. In 2021, more than 10,000 students from all over the globe came to Chinese medical universities to study MBBS. Here in this article you should know why MBBS in China is so reasonable for study. And almost all of them were looking for English language preparation programs.

China has an outstanding infrastructure, especially in the field of science. While the cost of education and the cost of living are so reasonable that its existence is definitely not a concern. For example, compared to the cost of a similar program in the UK or Australia, China is 70% cheaper. This is the major reason of reasonable pursue MBBS in China for Indian students.

Why Study MBBS in China is so Cheap than other Countries?

There is no summit in discussing that taking a course at an Indian MBBS university is complicated and even threatening. To get a reservation in a public MBBS college, one has to qualify NEET with high marks, while private MBBS colleges are so luxurious that most of them can’t afford them. Therefore, more and more aspirants travel to different countries to understand their thoughts of fitting in a profession of a doctor.

Reasons of Why MBBS in China is So Reasonable

At Equivalence with Superlative Senior Schooling in MBBS

As mentioned above, Chinese state medical universities have all the necessary recognition for higher education and practice. Education is truly global, as a graduate of one of these universities has the right to take licensure exams around the world. In China, a medical education program is coordinated with the rest of the world, as well as taught in English.

To improve the quality and experience of higher education in the field of medicine, the Chinese government will continue to invest more. The task is to provide medical students with modern facilities. Well-equipped laboratories, huge libraries with access to the best and newest books, impressive classrooms and aesthetically designed and maintained campuses are available everywhere at these state medical universities.

Reasonable Fees & Scholarship Prospect

As mentioned above, many MBBS universities in China are support by the State. Also, as per the policy to support China as a center for MBBS studies globally; the government subsidizes the teaching fees.

It may seem a little astonishing to understand that the MBBS in China fees start from 3, 00,000 INR/year. So, now you would agree when we say that MBBS in China is quite reasonable. Particularly if you evaluate it with the UK, US, Australia, etc.

In accumulation, there is certain prospect to receive a strong scholarship. Many China people state MBBS universities offer scholarships to aspirants based on their educational records. For example, to a candidate from India, they can offer a scholarship based on NEET scores or a 12th grade.

No Syntactical Dispute

A large number of medical universities are licensed by the Chinese government to provide medical education in English only. This happened in 2004 and at that time China gained popularity as an MBBS location abroad.

This has been a blessing for many students who have studied English all their lives, especially in Asia. With the advent of English-language study MBBS in China; these applicants have had a golden opportunity to receive world-class medical education in China.

However, beware of some ‘foreign education agents’ who teach bilingual universities in China as English, they have in the past jeopardized the dreams of many aspiring physicians.

Less Livelihood Expenses

In fact, the livelihood expenses in China are relatively low, provided you choose intelligently. Now, like in other countries, living in big cities is expensive. So, choosing a university located in Shanghai or Beijing can be an expensive affair. Also, if you are careless in choosing a place and style of stay.

Dormitories / hostels are the cheapest living options ($ 75 to $ 100 per month), followed by renting an apartment, which can vary from average to very expensive ($ 200 to $ 300 per month).

Huge Internship Alternative

Unlike other MBBS overseas education courses, many Chinese universities offer flexibility to Indian students so that they can choose their internship from India. In the following table, we present a list of universities with their internship policies.

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