How Can Protein Powder Help You Gain Weight?

People who hit the gym and lift heavy want to build muscle. Lifting weights represents only part of the process. Many newbies who take up bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength training might not realize that diet and rest could help the process. Among the most popular dietary supplements fitness enthusiasts purchase is whey protein because protein helps the muscle-building process.

Protein and Muscles

A weightlifting session could break the muscle tissue down since the muscles struggle to lift heavy weights. During rest periods, the muscles repair and grow to gain the strength necessary to deal with the heavy workload. The human body requires sufficient protein in its diet to perform the repairs effectively. Protein and its amino acids work to repair muscle tissue.

Maintaining Muscle Mass

There’s another benefit to maintaining an adequate supply of protein in the diet. Protein also helps the body retain muscle mass. When someone works hard to become bigger and stronger, it makes sense to make diet choices that retain all that hard work.

Calories to Build Muscle

Building muscle mass requires a calorie surplus, although the surplus might not need to be extreme. Protein powder supplements may come with extra calories, such as 100 calories per serving. Other ingredients added to the protein shake could add more calories, with peanut butter being an example of a high-calorie food source. The fitness-conscious might need to look at their overall calorie consumption. Adding too many calories per day may lead to unwanted weight gain through stored fat.

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Different Kinds of Protein Powder

Not all protein sources are the same, and customers may wonder what options to choose. For example, they could follow the lead of others and opt for whey isolate protein powder. Whey is a dairy byproduct made during cheese production, and it remains the preferred protein choice for significant numbers of fitness enthusiasts. According to Legion Athletics, “Whey protein isolate is the highest quality whey you can buy.”

A Convenience Benefit

Protein powders are also convenient. It is not easy to always purchase a proper meal with enough carbs. Protein shakes allow someone to get the grams they want from an easy-to-make shake.

An Eye on Carbs

Weight gain from lean muscle mass growth is likely what most people want when hitting the gym. However, fat and water weight gain might also increase numbers on a scale. For example, a low-carb diet becomes a way for some to remain lean, and a low-carb protein shake may help with those goals.

Protein and Exercise

It beats mentioning that protein won’t likely help someone build up significant muscle mass if they aren’t exercising. Progressive resistance training increases muscle mass and strength, and protein powders provide the dietary support that may help the process. For example, drinking a lot of protein shakes without working out or cutting back on other calories might lead to gaining fat.

Protein supports muscle growth and recovery necessary for muscle gains, and protein powders present a source of the nutrient. Whey isolate protein powder might be the preferred choice of many looking for the right protein source for their goals. 


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