How do you know which nail color you suits?

First, prepare two bottles of different shades of nail polish in advance (you can also use threeshades). Do not have to forget to apply the base coat and then in your favorite shades on the nail; the order of the shades will also jeopardize the actual effect of painting out. Naturally, you haveto try it on the nail before painting, in case you hate it after painting, and wash it away. I will generally pick a great deal of off-color also to no matte coated out is glossy galglitter acrylic dipglitter powder (I think coated out tone more particularly), with matte general I all thin layer coated in glossy nail polish, if matte coated the bottom layer of the word coated second layer more to thin otherwise not see the actual effect. Apply thick nail polish also role off, but nowadays, there are many kinds of nail polish to see how you apply. I think the second shade is best to wait a few minutes to apply; if you immediately apply, the second layer that was previously applied will be used up unless you are technically good; nail polish is also more quickly dry. With the way I talk about it can also save acrylic dip glitter powder, with two or three bottles will have ten shades. There is also lipstick that does not work can also get some out of thedamage and then flair plus some full transparent acrylic dip glitter powder mix well. That way, theactual effect will be very effective; of course, lipstick put a little more shades will be darker. This way is to put acrylic dip glitter powder to go out only, to how much to use is how much otherwisewill be extinguished.

Water-based acrylic dip glitter powder is good to dissolve; secondly, don’t bright for a long time. Secondly, if you want the shade can refer to the oil color mixing table itself to tune it! 

Take a piece of thick cardboard and the two shades of nail polish poured on it with a woodenskewer evenly; it is good! Acrylic dip glitter powder color for summer nail art that shows whitehands. 

Summer is the best time for nail art, many girls are painted with nice and personalized patterndesigns in the street to earn enough attention, but for the arm skin darker MM, you must pickthe right nail polish for yourself, not too flashy, simple, clear one color will be more suitable for you! 

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“Genish Manicure” has the advantages of long-lasting, full color, and quick drying. 

Brand: Genish Manicure name: 3 in 1 quick-drying acrylic dip glitter powder original name: ジーニッシュマニキュア カラーラインナップ If you want to find a bottle of acrylic dip glitter powder that combines the advantages of “quick-drying,” “long-lasting” and “full color” in one, it must be Genish Manicure’s “3 in 1 quick-drying galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder” has anover-the-counter price, but has a light therapy-like quality, with the addition of light-hardeningresin ingredients, when exposed to sunlight or indoor light, it can make the finger color hardenand denser, which can increase 3 in 1 quick-drying acrylic dip glitter powder is full of color withajewel-like shine, and all colors are very versatile and durable, so you can do your own salon-gradenail art at home! 

You can choose from over a hundred colors! “NAIL HOLICacrylic dip glitter powder

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