How to Choose a Best Desert Safari Tour in Dubai?

The vast, stunning desert of Dubai is the most defining feature of the city. Whether you’re looking for sand dunes to camp in, real Arabian cuisine, or camel rides, the Dubai desert has something for everyone! The best way to experience real Dubai is to go on a desert safari in Dubai.

One of the most popular things to do in Dubai nowadays is to go on a desert safari tour. In terms of variety of experiences and activities, these safaris are unmatched. They take place in numerous sites across Dubai. Desert safaris might be overwhelming since there are so many to choose from. As a result, our Dubai desert safari guide is available to assist you in making the best decision. Let’s get started now.

What is Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

The city of Dubai is endowed with vast deserts covered with many sand dunes, making it a popular destination for both residents and visitors alike. Today’s entertainment options are part of a long history that teaches us more about life in the desert for those who lived there before us. Desert safaris in Dubai have grown to be one of the city’s most renowned and sought-after pastimes, due to its combination of contemporary comforts, adventurous activities, and supper and entertainment.

The majority of Dubai’s desert safaris begin right at your hotel. You’ll be picked up from your home and taken to the awe-inspiring desert that encircles Dubai. From sheesha to falconry, belly dances to a buffet meal, camel riding to sand surfing, the desert camp offers a wide variety of activities and experiences.

Find the best desert safaris in Dubai by reading our detailed guide.

How to Choose a Best Desert Safari Tour?

It’s possible that some people like the thrill of quad biking across the dunes of Dubai, while others prefer a peaceful night beneath the desert sky. People who wish to see the sun rise early may like that option, while others who want Arabian entertainment may prefer to watch belly dancing, Tanura dancing, and others. We’re here to help you choose the best Dubai Desert Safari experience based on your preferences!

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Which Time of Day You Should Go to Desert?

Desert safaris in Dubai are offered at various times of the day. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, there are early-morning safaris that include dune bashing, sand boarding, and quad riding. Evening safaris, in addition to adventurous activities, include facilities like as buffet meals, performances, henna tattoos, or even sleeping beneath the stars.

Adventurous Activities

The most looked desert safaris don’t always include thrill-seeking activities, but those that do tend to be the most popular. For a more crafted experience, consider going on a classic Arabian-style desert safari, where you may relax in a desert tent as the sun sets over the dunes, put on traditional Arabic clothing, have your hand painted with a temporary tattoo, and smoke some sheesha. Plan ahead of time and purchase your tickets based on your preferences.


The best way to make the most of a vacation is to see and do as much as possible without going over budget. For a successful Dubai desert vacation, search for discounted excursions offered. If you’re interested in desert-themed activities, check out The Desert Safari Dubai is an online Tour Operator for entertaining things to do in Dubai.

What Type of Desert Activity We Have?

The desert safari Dubai deals a wide choice of activities and experiences, from sand boarding in specially adapted buggies to dining while belly dancers entertain, to sleeping beneath the stars at night.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

During your morning desert safari Dubai, you’ll be picked up from your resort and taken to the vast Arabian Desert. In addition to the broad areas of golden sand, you’ll observe a diverse array of desert plants and animals. An exciting 45-minute dune bashing in a powerful vehicle will let you to see Arabia’s stunning beauty. Adventure activities in a Bedouin camp include sandboarding, camel rides, and quad biking.

Evening Desert Safari 

Prepare for your adventure in the desert by following the instructions of an experienced guide. During your evening desert safari, 4×4 car is provided before you get to the quad bike region so you can tear up the dunes. Using a quad bike, you may traverse the sand dunes at high speeds. It’s time to get some sand surfing in after that.

Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

Picked up by a 4×4 and taken to the desert, you’ll leave the city behind and arrive in the Lahbab desert, your destination. 4×4 adventure awaits in the desert when you arrive. Your driver will take to the sands and ride over the dunes. Camel riding, scented shisha and henna hand painting are just some of the numerous traditional activities that visitors may participate in.

See Tanura dancers, belly dancers, and a fire dancer perform for your entertainment. Enjoy unlimited soft beverages, water, tea, and coffee with a wonderful BBQ and buffet.

Dune Buggy Dubai

As you make your way to a classic desert camp in a four-wheel drive vehicle, get ready for some serious dunes bashing in a brand-new off-road dune buggy. It’s time to get behind the wheel of a buggy and become familiar with the basics of driving and controlling one. During this Dubai desert safari, you can experience the surge of excitement that only a self-driven adventure can provide.

Things to Consider Before Going Desert Safari Dubai 

All first-timers on a desert safari have this question. What Should we wear during a desert safari? Here are a few easy outfit ideas to help you to being a comfortable.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that is easy to move in. 
  • If you’re looking for a hassle-free encounter, men should wear shorts, capris, or cotton pants.
  • During sandboarding, loose cotton/linen slacks, salwar kamiz, and simple T-shirts are ideal for ladies. Minimum jewelry is recommended for all.
  • Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen shield to protect yourself from scorching rays of the Desert. 


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