Will There Be Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady?

If you’re wondering, “Will there be a season 2 of The Cleaning Lady?” then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn more about the cast, release date, episode count, and more! We’ve also compiled the best sources for The Cleaning Lady’s previous seasons. Check them out below! Hopefully they will answer your question as well! Until then, happy cleaning!

Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady

“The Cleaning Lady” has been renewed for a second season on FOX. It is expected to premiere in the first half of 2023 and could feature as many as ten episodes. It was created by Miranda Kwok and stars Elodie Yung. Other executives on the show include Rose Marie Vega, Paola Suarez, David Dean Portelli, and Michael Offer. For more information about Season 2 of “The Cleaning Lady,” visit the official website.

The Cleaning Ladies follows the life of a Cambodian-Filipino who is living in Las Vegas on an expired visa. He is in the country to seek treatment for his son Luca, who has a rare medical disorder. Las Vegas is one of the only places in the country to provide cutting-edge bone marrow treatment. To cover the costs of the expensive treatment, Thony works as a cleaning service worker.

Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady cast

Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady will likely feature new cast members, but details aren’t available just yet. Elodie Yung and Adan Canto are set to return as Thony De La Rosa and their son Arman, respectively. They are the couple’s legal guardians who are sucked into Thony’s world, and their relationship reveals a deep and complex underbelly that’s more than meets the eye. Adan Canto plays Thony’s boyfriend, and he’s willing to help Thony in return for cleaning his family’s home. Fiona’s daughter, Faith Bryant, and son, Sean Lew, are also set to appear.

The Cleaning Lady is a comedy-drama produced by Fox and was announced as a season two a month after the series’ premiere. It has already reached the top five new broadcast drama list on Fox, with an 0.5 demo rating. The show’s writers and producers, Miranda Kwok and Melissa Carter, are also set to return, making it one of the most anticipated new shows on television this year. In addition to the cast, The Cleaning Lady is also produced by Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros.

Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady release date

With its engrossing premise of a good doctor who goes bad, ‘The Cleaning Lady’ has generated an extremely loyal fan base. Season 1 ended on a high note, but it’s unclear when Season 2 will premiere. It’s likely that it will air sometime in Q1 2023 on Fox. So what can we expect? Here are some details. ‘The Cleaning Lady’ will return in 2023.

While the official release date of Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady has yet to be announced, fans can expect to see more of Elodie Yung and Adan Canto as the titular characters. The first season’s main character, Thony De LaRosa, is played by Elodie Yung. Arman Morales plays a gangster who protects Thony. The second season will feature a number of characters from the first season, including Oliver Hudson’s Garret Miller and Martha Millan’s Fiona. Meanwhile, Faith Bryant and Sean Lew will play Fiona’s children.

Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady episode count

If you’re looking for the Season 2 episode count of The Cleaning Lady, you’ve come to the right place. While the show’s cast hasn’t been revealed yet, Yung and De Dominici star as a family with children. Thony de La Rosa is an illegal immigrant from the Philippines who came to the US illegally to work as a cleaning lady. Arman Morales, the gang leader who hires the cleaning women, believes that they can hide evidence from him. As Thony’s life becomes more complicated, she must learn to accept her new role and adapt to her new life in the United States.

Final Words:

For fans of the Fox Network series, knowing the Season 2 episode count is important because the two seasons are released one year apart. Fans can watch the first season of The Cleaning Lady on their favorite streaming service, Hulu, and on the FOX app. Season 2 will have at least 10 episodes, and this number is expected to increase. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the series will return for a third season.


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