Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard In The Rain?

Are you able to skateboard in the rain? Yes, you can skateboard when it’s raining; however, make sure your skateboards don’t get wet as much as you can. The idea of skating on wet surfaces is not recommended at all.

Some people enjoy skating in the rain. Enjoyable and thrilling. Others have found it difficult to slide in wet conditions properly. It’s possible to ride your skateboard during the downpour; however, be prepared for many differences and limitations, as opposed to those who skate on dry surfaces. 

An electric skateboard is one thing, but knowing the proper ways to use it and the best practices for its operation is entirely different.

One of the most frequently asked questions from new electric board skateboard owners is whether they can be used in weather conditions.

Can You Skate In the Rain?

The idea of skating in the rain can be an enjoyable experience. If you’re a pro skateboarder, you may play around with tricks in the shower, improving your skating skills. However, many safety precautions must be observed. If you’re just an inexperienced skater, it’s not recommended at all.

Skateboarding when it is raining, or on wet ground is not a wise choice. Hydroplaning is a complex problem that leads the wheels to fall off the surface. It could occur anytime you skate in the rain or on wet surfaces.

Your skateboard deck may become slippery, and you could lose control. You could slip off your board and never know what might happen when you fall.

There are some places where most of the time it’s raining, and the ground is wet. If you cannot resist the urge to skate on wet pavements, be cautious when skating or doing tricks.

What Happens Following Riding a Skateboard on Water?

1. Deck or Board

Skateboard decks are composed of wood. It absorbs water. The constant contact with water can cause the deck to soften, deform and then delaminate.

The grip tape you use will likely lose its adhesion and fall off in time or at some point. After drying the boards, you’ll be able to see that there is no straightforward pop.

2. Bearings

When bearings have been exposed to the elements, they will lose lubrication and begin to deteriorate inside. When approaches fail lubrication, your direction will likely shrink and weaken in time.

3. Bolts, trucks, and Nuts

Since your skateboards become wet more often than they should, your trucks are also subject to water elements. Your trucks are constructed of metal and, when exposed to water and not adequately dried, are likely to get rusty.

The nuts and bolts you use will rust following water intrusion and eventually crack.

4. Wheels

If you don’t have rain wheels, the wheel’s parts will get worn out when exposed to rainwater.

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The Final Thought

Electric board skateboards are equipped with electric components that are attached to them. So, riding them in rain conditions isn’t advised, even if it is raining, since there might not be a lot of interaction with delicate electrical components. But, it would help if you stayed clear of riding your skateboard electric in the rain as much as possible.

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