5 Things You Need To Know About Ghost Hunting

Spooky season might be coming up, but believing in the supernatural is evergreen. In fact, almost half of Americans believe in ghosts. 

Are you one of them? Well, you might want to find the real truth.

But, to find a ghost, you need to go ghost hunting. Let’s go through what you need to know about ghost hunting.

  1. Do Your Research

Like with any adventure, it’s important to properly prepare yourself for your ghost hunting journey. Read up on the location you plan to check out. Case the joint during the daytime, so you can make a note of any problem areas.

Look for historical records to see if anything significant has happened on the property. Search online to see if other ghost hunters have had supernatural experiences on the property you suspect is haunted. You can even take a look at different social media platforms to see if anyone’s searched for ghosts recently.

  1. Have The Right Ghost Hunting Tools

To properly ghost hunt, you need the proper hunting tools on hand. You’ll want to have a flashlight of course, to help you navigate around in the dark. Bring your cell phone, and ensure it’s fully charged before you leave. Bring portable chargers for all your electronic devices.

A ghost detector can help you find spirits as you walk around a property you believe is haunted. Head over here to buy one of your own: https://www.spiritshack.co.uk/shop/category/ghost-detector/.

  1. Bring a Friend

You don’t want to go it alone when you’re ghost hunting. Always bring at least one buddy with you. This is good for safety so that someone will be able to go for help if anything goes wrong. It’s also good for proof – if you do come across a ghost, you’ll want someone around who will back you up!

  1. Talk To The Ghosts

If you want to meet ghosts, you’ll have to talk them out of their hiding places. Make sure that you let the ghosts know that you don’t mean any harm, and that you’re just curious. 

  1. Keep a Record

Having proof after the fact is an important part of ghosthunting. You’ll want to be recording as much video and audio as possible. If you can, strap a GoPro to yourself so that you’ll have some footage even if you drop your camera. At a minimum, keep the voice recorder on your phone running and note any strange happenings going on around you.

You can also take contemporaneous notes. That way, you can go back and see what you were thinking in the moment and make connections with other experiences to see if there’s a pattern you can predict or see if there’s a detail that you may not have seen as important at the time, but may be important in retrospect.

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Start Ghost Hunting Today

Before you start ghost hunting, there’s a lot you need to prepare for. Hopefully, you’re now on your way. But, if you’re not, there are more resources available to you.

Do you need more advice on your journey? Some of our other supernatural posts may be helpful to you.

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