Who is Levi Ackerman?

If you’re wondering who is Levi Ackerman, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about his Family, Characteristics, and Attack on Titans appearance. Also, we’ll discuss his relationship with Mikasa. You’ll also learn about his appearances in movies and television shows.


Levi Ackerman is a man with a very distinct personality. His cold, serious, and detached manner may give the impression that he doesn’t care much about people or the world around him. However, the character’s strong sense of duty and respect for structure and discipline allow him to put people’s interests ahead of his own. While his acerbic nature may turn some off, Levi is a very valuable asset in protecting the Eldian people from their enemies.

Despite his icy exterior, Levi Ackerman is a person who values freedom and never underestimates the value of human life. This stoic and determined person is also incredibly quick to process information and has an excellent memory. This makes him a highly efficient problem-solver, and one of the best in the world at predicting future outcomes.

Levi Ackermann is a man of few words, but he is the most strong soldier in the Survey Corps, and the leader of its Special Operations squad. He had a shady past as a thug in the underground, but has since developed an extremely effective leadership style. His strong leadership skills have also earned him the respect of his fellow Survey Corps members, including Eren Jaeger.

Though he is not a personable individual, Levi is very honest and blunt with his fellow soldiers. This can quickly escalate into insults. His sense of humor is also dark, crude, and vulgar. There is one exception to this rule, however: a few of his closest friends.

Despite his stoic personality, Levi Ackerman’s lack of empathy often makes him appear cold and distant. Levi Ackerman was raised by a prostitute who died of starvation in her bed. After a brief time of isolation, his uncle Kenny Ackermann adopted him and taught him survival skills. He was also given a job in the upper city to teach him the skills necessary to survive there.

Levi also has a temper and shows his irritation easily. When his Marleyan party came to the city, he became angry at Hange. He was one of the few characters who was not intimidated by the Titans. They are massive creatures with few weaknesses, but Levi never showed any fear of being dirty, as he only feared for his comrades’ safety.

Relationship with Mikasa

The Relationship between Levi Ackerman and Miksa Ackerman is complicated and sometimes frustrating. The characters are inherently opposite in personality, so it is not surprising that the two have trouble forming a bond. Mikasa is a shy and introverted woman who often keeps to herself. She also has trouble interacting with people, and is very loyal to Eren.

Levi’s behavior toward Mikasa seems inconsequential in comparison to that of Mikasa. He may be telling Mikasa that he is going to fight the Female Titan, which would not have much effect on her. But it may be that he is trying to make Mikasa feel more secure and calm.

Although they share the same surname, the two are not related. They are likely distant cousins who share the same ancestry. While their parents are not related, Levi’s father was probably one of Kuchel’s clients. The two also share the “awakening” power. This power allows them to have enhanced abilities.

Mikasa and Levi first met in Attack on Titan. Their relationship was complicated by Eren Yeager’s transformation. Mikasa tried to kill Levi during his trial, but Levi saved her life. Mikasa’s resentment towards Levi led to the failure of the mission. Despite this, the two were later seen in a more cooperative relationship.

Mikasa and Levi Ackerman are related through the Ackerman bloodline, but their relationship is complicated. Their relationship is strained, but they share many traits. Both share a common last name, and Levi asks Mikasa if she ever had a great power when she was a child. He later reveals that he and his uncle, Kenny, had the same experience.


The story of the Family of Levi Ackerman begins in the Underground. The Ackerman clan was once warriors for the king, but when their memories became uncontrollable, they were persecuted. The family made the difficult decision to not pass on information from the outside world in hopes that it would stop the persecution. However, this decision proved to be fruitless. Mistreatment continued until Kenny Ackerman met Uri Reiss, a man who was true king.

The Ackerman family is represented in the Attack on Titan manga series. The manga series was created by Hajime Isayama. It is available in English by Kodansha. The Ackerman siblings are known for their impressive strength and their ability to battle the Titans. The twins are able to channel the strength of their ancestors into their own abilities.

The origin of the Ackerman family is mysterious. While it is not explicitly revealed, it is assumed that Levi’s parents were Eldians. The Ackermans were created by a human experiment during the reign of the Eldian Empire. The result was a race born with extraordinary strength, extraordinary survival instincts, and an ‘awakened power’ that allowed them to perform feats beyond their physical limits.

The plot of the series is complex and gripping. The family members live together for many years, and it takes time for the reader to fully absorb the storyline. As a result, the novel is an excellent read for fans of YA fiction. It has been adapted into various films, including Attack on Titan. The family’s story revolves around Levi’s twin siblings, Lara and Hange Zoe. Levi tries to decide which of them he should take as a commanding officer, but ultimately comes to a decision.

In the story, Levi Ackerman’s family is a mess. His wife, Hikari, and kids are in constant need of care. However, Levi cannot cope with the demands of such a life alone. Despite his responsibilities, Levi tries to make the best of his situation. He is seeking someone to help him raise his children and educate them. But when he meets Eren, a mysterious tall blonde with secrets of her own, his life turns upside down.

Attack on titans appearance

Attack on Titans has introduced a new character, Levi Ackerman, in a new role. Initially, Levi was a notorious thug in the underground, but he eventually decided to join the Survey Corps. While at first he was at odds with Erwin, he eventually grew to be one of his most trusted men. He first appears in the series on the 56th Expedition Beyond the Walls, when the Colossus Titan attacks the Trost District.

While he has never been able to transform into a Titan, Levi has been responsible for taking down several Titans. While fighting the Beast Titan Zeke Jaeger, Levi became seriously injured and was almost killed, but thankfully, his companion Hange saved him. After that, Levi is a very stoic character with amazing combat skills.

Levi is also very strong, with his blades configured to make multiple cuts at high speeds. His short stature and heavy muscle make him very strong and powerful. He even has the strength to overpower Annie Leonhart, who is fourteen meters tall. He is also a genius who can analyze situations and determine the best course of action.

Levi’s appearance in Attack on Titans is a highlight of the series. His fight with the Beast Titan, the most powerful titan shifter, is one of the most harrowing scenes on the show. It shows Levi’s great strength and the ability to use his head to distract him from his attacks.

Levi Ackerman is one of the strongest soldiers in the Survey Corps. He also leads the Special Operations Squad, an elite squad. While his past as a thug in the underground was dark, his leadership skills have made him a highly valued member of the Survey Corps. He is respected by his fellow soldiers, including Eren Jaeger.

In the second season, Levi’s role changes. He is a member of the Survey Corps, and he decides to accompany Erwin. However, he is forced to choose between saving Erwin and saving Armin. He then tells Eren and Mikasa that choosing Erwin was the best decision for humanity.

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