Fashion designing: Opening the Door of Opportunities

At present time fashion designing is more about passion and dedication. That is most likely a profession where you can explore yourself rather than as a designer or researcher. In this article, we will discuss the detailed study of fashion design and the process of becoming a fashion designer. So now the question is, what is fashion designing? fashion designing means having a good sense of designing clothes and accessories for life. The design needs to be unique as well as acceptable in society. It requires research about the design, sketching the design, creating unique patterns, selecting fabric, sewing the material, and making the best outfit. Fashion design doesn’t mean having a unique design, but it is about building the individual. One can learn about it online through different recorded lectures that use different software like school ERP.

Skills Required to Become a Fashion Designer

  • Artist ability and creativity – see, an essential thing in becoming a designer is talent if you have that passion and talent. This field doesn’t require reading a book, and you can excel. This field requires exceptional interest, and then you can be recognized. All though classes are required. And practice can enhance your skill and talent.
  • Communication skills- It is one of the most required skills if you are planning to excel in any field. Because to put forward your skill and talent, you have to keep your idea on the table, and for that, you have to have the best communication skills and language command. So that you can communicate with other foreign investors and collaborate with them, also they must be good researchers so that they can find what the market requires and which colors are more trending in the market. They should research well in the market, analyze the required information, and then make products based on that.
  • Sketching and drawing – are the backbone of designing. You have to be good at drawing and controlling using the thread and sewing machine. These are fundamental requirements for the fashion designer. 
  • Visualization skill – this skill helps the designer think in mind about the product they are going to make, with the proper knowledge of space and managing the shape of the cloth. E.g., if a designer is planning to make clothes for chubby women, they must have design and form on their body shape and requirements.
  • Strong business idea – there should be a strong business plan required for a successful business plan, including the right fabric plan and marketing the finished design to the right business.

Career in Fashion Designing 

Job opportunity – although there is quite massive competition in this field and for becoming a famous fashion designer like Manish Malhotra you have good knowledge and experience – 

  1. Apparel manufacturing firms – companies that manufacture cloth on a large scale. E.g., Nike, Adidas, Gucci, and more.
  2. Fashion retailers – these companies sell clothes made by apparel manufacturing. For eg Myntra, Flipkart ,W.
  3. Design firm – these firms design clothes and are specialized in fashion designing for specific customers.
  4. Entrepreneur -you can be your own master’s .you can design and sell your clothes.

College to apply for design

There are various colleges in India, including NIFT. You can get admission through all India fashion designing tests that see your aptitude along with designing and various other private online institutions that use the attendance management systems to keep records of students attending class online.

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Hence in India, which is rich in culture, having the skill and designing is not famous now, but it was carried out earlier. India was the country that exported cotton and other raw materials to the world. Designing can lead to the best carrier option if you are interested and willing to excel in this field. 

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